Why choose a Lawyer for your offshore services

Non-attorney planners for offshore services and asset protection strategies spell disaster for you and your plan! Only licensed Attorneys can offer the legal foundation of all offshore plans; the Attorney – Client privilege for conversations, disclosures, and other communications made during planning. By contrast, discussing an offshore plan with non-attorney planners is discoverable by creditors; even if an attorney is hired later to implement or review the plan (the privilege is not retroactive). These discoverable conversations make it easy for creditor’s lawyers to unwind the offshore strategy.

In addition, many jurisdictions only allow Attorneys to have certain privileges to perform certain legal actions that otherwise might create civil conspiracy liability. Therefore, it is imperative that any communications involving asset protection planning; from the initial discussion of the plan through completion be done only with licensed Attorneys. Beware of contrary representations made by non-attorney planners or those stating “we have attorneys on staff” as these representations do not provide you with Attorney – Client privilege and will cost you dearly in the end. By only dealing directly with an Attorney law firm from the onset of the planning will it assure the privilege is intact.

1. Non-Attorney individuals and companies cannot lawfully provide you with legal advice concerning the formation and maintenance of your company.

2. Many of these individuals and companies fees are so low because they do not provide all of the services needed to complete the incorporation and formation filing and process for full compliance with applicable local laws. This leads to you paying more fees in the long run.

3. Some of these companies and individuals, while advertising that they are “incorporating” a company for you, actually only form an entity with themselves shown as legal owner and then “sell” a corporate or LLC “shell”. Some unwitting customers are then left on their own, not knowing that additional filings and procedures are required; until they discover that their entity charter has been revoked or that they may be subjected to personal liability and are then hit with additional fees and costs to bring the entity into compliance (provided the deficiencies are discovered soon enough).

4. Many of these entities only provide you with boiler plate forms that may or may not fit your company’s specific needs.

5. An Attorney can assess your specific needs and provide you with valuable legal advice and a customized entity formation that may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run.

6. An Attorney can provide you with ongoing legal advice and assistance to help ensure that your company continues to provide you with the personal liability shield that is critical to ensure that you are not saddled with costly personal judgments and other problems.

7. An Attorney can provide ongoing legal advice to help make important decisions that may greatly impact your company.

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