Renouncing US Citizenship  for Tax or Third Purposes 

How renounce US Citizenship 

It is just a question of time. When you are involved in a  multi million dollar business IRS will find you wherever you try to escape. This happen to every US citizen or foreigner US resident. IRS thanks to FATCA always know where you are, what you are doing with your money and how many taxes you must pay to them. Some times some individuals take the decision to renounce the US citizenship after having received a new one from Dominica or Nevis. We have helped many US people to renounce the US Citizenship.We are a licensed and experienced team for that process.

We will help you by 

  • Obtaining a 2nd passport through investments (Dominica, Nevis, Or Malta if needed)

  • Assisting with the “Renunciation Questionnaire”

  • Completing Form 8854 for renunciation, including asset valuation

  • Planning for tax implications of Section 877A exit tax for covered expats

  • Estimating your tax liability upon renunciation

  • Estimating post-renunciation tax liability and treaty implications

  • Filing forms 1040 & 1040NR for your final year of citizenship

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