How To Get Permanent Residency in Paraguay ?

Becoming a permanent resident of Paraguay

How to get a Paraguayan Permanent Residency visa ? How to Obtain Permanent Residency in Paraguay ? 


It is very easy to become Permanent Resident of Paraguay.  To obtain a residency visa in Paraguay it is necessary to show very common and easy to produce documents. Also Paraguay offer a fast Permanent Residency easy to obtain in just one week. Become a permanent resident of Paraguay can be more easy than becoming resident in your birth country. Paraguay’s immigration policy is considered relaxed and easy. A  Paraguay permanent residence permit can be obtained immediately.

Obtaining a Paraguay permanent residency qualifies you for a Paraguayan identity card. This Paraguay  card allows you to obtain the Paraguayan RUC (single taxpayer registration) necessary to pay your taxes in Paraguay. Also, expats in Paraguay  with the Paraguay Permanent Residence Permit are treated to certain tax benefits. Remember that Paraguay has a Territorial taxation that exempt you to pay taxes or declare when your income is produced outside Paraguay. Only local incomes ( if any ) are taxed at a very low rate.

To obtain permanent residency in Paraguay is not required even to have been invested or visited the country previously. In an embassy or consulate, an individual must apply for a visa to enter the country , but it is not  a necessary step . You can come to Paraguay and process your Paraguay Permanent Resident easily .

The economic requirements are simple, a deposit of an amount equivalent to 35 minimum monthly wages, currently a total of PYG 24,554,600 (≈ USD 4,500). The deposit can be made in the Central Bank (non-interest bearing) or any commercial bank. Once the procedure is completed, the deposit can be withdrawn in full.

A Paraguay residency permit may also be obtained, setting up a company with a capital of the above-mentioned amount; or purchasing a property for agricultural production with a minimum of 10 hectares.

Those wishing to retire in Paraguay must prove a monthly income of 100 wages, currently PYG 7,015,600 (≈ USD 1,300). These will benefit from import duty tariffs exemptions on personal effects up to certain quantities and under certain requirements.

Employees, self-employed professionals, shareholders of Paraguayan companies, students and religious may also apply for permanent residence.

The necessary documents are: valid passport with entry visa , proof of address, birth certificate, criminal record of the country of residence and Paraguay, certificate of civil status, certificate of life and residence, certificate of economic solvency, sanitary certificate and Affidavit of Compliance with Article 23 of Law 978/96.

The application takes a week to complete. A Paraguay Legal assistance is highly recommended, and totally necessary if you do not speak Spanish. It is possible during the whole follow-up process to delegate the power of attorney to a legal representative. Our Paraguay Lawyers will do all the job for you. 

Paraguay Permanent Residency Costs

The application fees are around USD 260. It is possible to include dependants, both parents, spouses, and children.

In a minimum period of 3 months, the Immigration Department will issue the residence permit and the documentation to apply for the Paraguayan cédula (Paraguay permanent residence card). It is advisable to request the Paraguayan  cédula in person, although a Paraguayan  legal representative may also do so. The Paraguay cédula allows traveling visa-free through all Mercosur members.

Permit renewal is not required, but it may be canceled if the resident is absent from Paraguay  for a period of three years without justification. 

Residency in Paraguay for Foreign Investors (SUACE)

For foreign investors, there is a special procedure under the Unified System of Opening and Closing Companies (SUACE). This is a one-stop shop to carry out the procedures related to company registration and residence permits application. Through this procedure, the permit issuance takes 20 days.

In addition to the general requirements, investors must submit a certificate issued by the Vice Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay accrediting their qualification to SUACE. In order to qualify an individual must justify an investment amount of PYG 50,000,000 (≈ USD 9,150). In the case of company investment, the contributed capital must be at least PYG 150,000,000 (≈ USD 27,500).

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