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How to get a Mexican Residency Visa ? Where buy your mexican visa ?


Mexico is the nearest Latin Country to USA and Canada. Also, it is the first Latin American country to receive North Americans and North Europeans Tourists during all the year. Mexico is the second place in Americas for tourist received on 365 days. Also Mexico is the second largest Latin America Country and the first Economy of the latin american region. Mexico counts 140 million of habitants and has actually the largest North American Expats community in the world. With at least 1 million of North Americans and 300k Canadians living as expatriates, Mexico is a place where it is very easy feel at home. Thanks to the T-MEC  or USMCA United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement  (USMCA) , Mexico shares common parts, rights and specs with USA and Canada, this means free trade between the 3 Countries, no taxes no duties no headaches. Also it is crazily cheap. To take residency in Mexico, it is necessary  to start the residency application outside the country. In an embassy or consulate in your country of origin or of actual residency. 

Mexico offers a Temporary Resident Visa, intended for people who want to live in Mexico for more than 6 months and not longer than 4 years. The Temporary Resident Visa is a renewable, long-term (more than six months) permit which gives non-immigrant temporary residency status to the holder. The visa is issued for one year, and can then be renewed for a further 1, 2, or 3 years; this visa can optionally give work permissions, and allows unlimited entries too, and exits from, Mexico.

There are various situations under which the Temporary Residency visas are granted, and these relate to the activities you intend to undertake while in Mexico. Under the terms of the Temporary Residency Visa, you are authorized to only make certain, specific, activities which may be lucrative or non-lucrative, depending on the visa’s classification.

A key criteria that the Mexican authorities require for the issuance of a Temporary Resident Visa is that the applicant prove that they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves while in Mexico and/or a proven steady income.

This proof of solvency is obtained showing a Personal bank Account statement where are deposited at least 25k USD on a yearly basis. The account must be in the country where you apply for the entry visa. That means that if you are an American Citizen, you can go to your nearest mexican embassy in USA , showing your annual bank statement of a US Bank or financial Institution. Here , once application is accepted,  the Authority will place a visa on your passport.

The authority process  then approve the application and place a Visa (passport stamp) in your passport. When you arrive in Mexico, you have to attend your local immigration office within 30 days of arrival, and undertake a procedure to exchange your temporary resident visa (passport stamp) for a Temporary Resident Permit (a plastic card).

Once applied for and granted, you can hold the Temporary Resident Permit for up to four years, and after this it cannot be renewed: at the end of the four year period you must exchange the Temporary Resident permit for a Permanent Resident permit, or leave the country.

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