How to get the Resident Visa in Colombia

How start the Colombia Residency Visa application ?

How to get a Colombia Residency Visa ?  The Colombia resident  visa, is the Colombian Residency Application you are obliged to request when interested to live in Colombia.


There are five categories of the new Colombia Resident  Visas:

  1. Returning Colombian – In some cases, Colombians living in other countries were required to renounce their Colombian citizenship when becoming citizens of their adopted countries.

  2. Is the father or mother of a Colombian national by birth.

  3. Has held a migrant (M) visa category 1 to 3 visa continuously and uninterrupted for two years. The category M-1 visa is a marriage visa.

  4. Has continuously and uninterruptedly held for five years a M visa in category 4 to 11, which includes retirement, work and student visas. Or continuously and uninterruptedly held a beneficiary visa of type R for five years.

  5. Investment of over 650 times the minimum monthly wage in Colombia. The minimum wage in 2019 in Colombia is 828,116 pesos per month. So, 650 times this is 538,275,400 pesos or $156,160 at the exchange rate of 3,447 pesos to the USD. Note there is a separate Migrant investment visa with a lower investment requirement.

These are essentially the same categories as the previous RE visa with the same requirements.

According to Resolution 6045, Article 22, the “R” visa is valid indefinitely.

However, according to Article 25, the validity period of the “R” visa label (“visa stamp” in a passport) is five years. At the request of its owner, this document may be renewed for equal periods by a “visa transfer procedure”.

There are  as described above ,many other different ways to become resident in Colombia. 

You can ask to become resident in Colombia via Business Visa :

Workers for foreign entities may perform consultations, meetings, Setup Business, Bank Account, Conduct Market Studies. This visa will get you a cedula to allow for easier setup of bank account when opening a business

Or via Pension - retirement Visa :

Colombia Migrant Visa (Previously TP7) - Pension - At least 800 USD monthly from a government pension source, (if pension is private you need annuity visa).  You may have to qualify for an annuity visa.  You have to receive 3 times minimum salary in monthly bases to qualify for the retirement / pension visa

via Colombian Business Owner :

Migrant (Previously TP7) - This is also technically a company shareholder visa which you can obtained by owning 69 million pesos in shares in Colombian corporation. Includes working rights if you are a president or vice president of the company. 

via Colombia Property Owner :

Migrant (Previously TP7) - Direct foreign investment of at least 241.3 million pesos in real estate. This is a step down from the full Colombian investors visa, and offers a 1 year renewable visa. Be careful because each year the value is adjusted for inflation.

via Colombia Retirement Visa :

Migrant  (Previously TP7) - Annuity or more accurately persons ho have a FIXED INCOME from overseas (meaning your home country) - This visa is great for landlords, trust fund holders, or persons earning fixed monthly income paid from sources outside of Colombia. This can not be from salaries or commissions.

and the previous described Colombia Full resident visa :

Colombian Full residency visa, good for 5 years, and full working benefits. The best visa to have. This can be obtained by investing 449 million pesos in property or in a Colombian company. Money must be a direct foreign investment arriving from personal account.

All colombian visas requires a specialized colombian lawyer that can help you manage application without formal or legal errors.

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