How Open a Bank Account in Colombia ? 

How become client of a Colombian bank ?

Taking residency in Colombia, require to open a bank account for every day transaction. Also it is mandatory to create a Credit Score, receive credit cards, make investments in the country without problems. As Colombia has stringent Money Laundering Rules, it is pretty difficult live without a local bank account. Also it become very difficult to make big transaction with your home country bank account, as then you will be subject to a lot of scrutiny by authorities and  Central bank. A local Colombian Bank account put you in a very less stressful condition.

Documents needed to open a Colombian Bank Account

To open a Colombia bank Account you need to show these documents :

Your Visa placed on your passport

Your Colombian Cedula

Your International ID

An Accountant reference ( we do it for you)

A Work Contract in Colombia ( we do it for you ) 

A proof or residency in Colombia ( if you have not one, we will do it for you )

Cash to deposit in the new Colombia bank Account.

Tax declaration in your home country, translated and apostilled 

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