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OffshoreVisa is  a Panama Boutique Law Firm specialized to work with HNWP  and International Companies. We carefully filter the many requests we receive to become our clients and we only accept few new customers per month. At our Panama Law Office we can meet in discretion and privacy only few customers per week that have requested, paid and confirmed an appointment with us. Our Panama Lawyers are specialized to offer the best in class offshore legal service for international customers. We work with top offshore banks to facilitate offshore  bank introductions for Panama bank accounts,  Belize bank  Accounts, Mexico bank Accounts and offshore bank accounts in other jurisdictions. OffshoreVisa is a Panama Law Firm offering Panama corporation and foundation, Panama bank accounts, Panama immigration & real estate transaction. Our Panama Attorney Firm has offshore and onshore branches in special countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, where expats and permanent travellers want to live and invest. Help you to live and invest overseas is our mission and specialization.

We also make introductions to Offshore   Brokerage firms for international and offshore  brokerage accounts & merchant accounts, in addition to Panama, Belize, and Mexico mail forwarding, drafting contracts, offshore asset protection, estate planning and offshore legal consulting.

We can help you to open a Panama bank account now with offshore online banking,  debit card, offshore credit card, and multi currency accounts

We are also specialized in creation of corporate structures for the preservation and transmission of assets such as foundations, trusts, family funds, among others.

We will help you obtaining permits and licenses in public and private entities and the application of all types of immigration processes for the acquisition of residency, work or investment visas  about you. We will also help you in redefining your international and offshore strategy, taking advantage of knowledge and private informations about CRS-AEOI-FATCA. We can help you in obtaining a private offshore bank account connected to a private interest foundation where move your assets and protect them from indiscrete eyes and ambitious hands. We can establish legal, safe and aggressive actions when is time to deal with taxes like the i International Re-invoicing. Re-invoicing is the utilization of a low or none taxed company to act as an intermediary between a business established in one jurisdiction, typically a high tax jurisdiction, and its customers outside its home jurisdiction. The domestic business sells its products, with a small profit, to the non-or low taxed company which then marks the product up to the original selling price, and sells the product to the customers outside of the onshore company's jurisdiction. Profits of the intermediary accumulate at zero or low tax rate while the small profits of the onshore business are taxed at its jurisdictional rates.  We can also help you structuring a debt-factoring service , facilitate payments via offshore credit cards, or intermediary payment services that works behind you and your identity. We can provide offshore OFFLINE POS that can use saved credit cards datas for your transactions needs. Each member of our legal network is valued for the breadth and depth of their legal expertise and their dedication to client service.  We are a leading group in legal and supplementary services, open to changes and to new businesses, locally and internationally recognized due to service excellency, both traditional and innovative, dynamic, proactive, with high ethical and professional standards, offering effective solutions for the full satisfaction of clients, within an environment of courtesy and work motivation, technologically advanced, financially solid and committed with the community.





What we can do for you

Experts in Digital Nomadism

If you are a digital nomad  or an entrepreneur  needing  a  safe fiscal  residency , we are the  legal advisor for your needs. Our law office in Panama is specialized in immigration law, in fiscal residency and tax residency. Tax residency is an obliged need when you decide to become expatriate, a frequent traveller or digital nomad.  We can provide you payment solutions, offshore company incorporations, offshore bank solutions, residency visas, like Panama Residency Visa or Ecuador Residency visa. We can provide you financial strategies to cut or eliminate your tax liability. Living or investing overseas will become easy and smooth with the appropriate legal  instruments.

Legal service performed byPanama  Attorneys and Immigration Lawyers 

Our legal service will perform your visa and temporary/permanent residency application in the country of your  choice , but also will assist you to establish a real and legal presence in your new country , providing documents, contract , insurance solutions and directions useful when is time ti demonstrate your bond with your new foreign home . 

A great opportunity to take your second legal passport

We will assist you obtaining  your citizenship  and request, finally, your second legal offshore passport. Second Legal Passports are a great option to take a new opportunity of freedom in your life. It is a leverage to use with no liability and it is a door to a new world rich of fantastic opportunities. 

Our Offshore Services

Opening an Offshore Bank account, Company or Trust

We’re specialized also in : legal solutions for bank account embargoes; money transfers abroad; regularization of capital kept abroad; foreign investments; mediation for recuperating bank credits, financial brokers or e-wallets; opening foreign bank accounts, e-wallet accounts, cryptocurrencies and financial brokers; AML or anti money laundering policy. Due Diligence; controlling for your name in international data bases or black lists; removal from black lists or reputation recovery; legal and political structures for websites with particular products; buying and selling contracts; confidentiality contracts; contracts for web page collaborators; contract revision; drawing up of any type of contracts; capital protection.

We protect your business through anonymous companies, holdings and private interest foundations, in order to reduce your tax burden.

As a specialist in International offshore banking, we have helped thousands of clients establishing  a Panama or Offshore bank account. Whether you are interested in setting up a personal bank account , or are looking to create an offshore corporation with an offshore corporate bank account, we can help you.

We realize that the type of Offshore bank account you select is essential for achieving your objectives, so we have provided a variety of offshore bank account types to choose from. If you would like to set up a bank account through any particular Panama or Offshore  bank or brokerage firm that we do not currently deal with, we can also assist you for a slightly higher set up fee. We have done extensive research to ensure that the recommended financial institutions are safe, highly recommended, secure, stable and reputable. Our experience in creating  offshore bank accounts is unmatched. Contact us and get a free offshore banking consult today.We actively work establishing Panama bank Accounts with the best Financial Institution of the Nation, like Banistmo, Scotiabank, ecc ecc.

Currently, OffshoreVisa has a network of affiliated and fully integrated offices in Panama, USA, Mexico, the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Ecuador,Colombia, Venezuela, Brasil, Uruguay, Seychelles, Samoa , ready to provide solutions to clients in more than 100 markets worldwide. Panama and Ecuador  offices celebrated 32 years of operation in 2018.

OffshoreVisa is the exclusive member firm in Panama for three of the most prestigious associations of independent firms worldwide: Lex Mundi, Interlaw and PRAC (The Pacific Advisory Council).

Exposure to strong local expertise alongside first class networked cross-border legal work is a powerful combination and one that offers you huge professional opportunities. 

Choose OffshoreVisa and you join a dynamic group of lawyers of extraordinary quality. Mostly educated in major law schools in the United States and Europe, or trained in law firms in New York. Many admitted to practice in foreign jurisdictions. This unique feature of OffshoreVisa legal teams allows the firm to act as a bridge between legal and business cultures, providing effective legal services to its clients, particularly in complex cross-border transactions.

Members of the firm act or have acted as officers of international and local bar organizations, and are members of the board of important private companies.

Some OffshoreVisa lawyers have held government offices,  Assistant Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of Commerce and Industries of the Republic of Panama, Assistant District Attorney, and Chief Negotiator of the US-Panama Free Trade Agreement, among others.

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Panama : MMG tower floor 30 ,Costa del  Este , Ciudad de Panama, Panama Republic, 0816 .

Ecuador : Guayaquil , Puerto Santa Ana, Edif. The Point. Floor 1

Mexico:Ciudad de Mexico, Polanco CDMX .


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