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We are a Premier Panama Law Office with multidisciplinary  offices around the globe. With  Offices in Mexico, Panama, Belize, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and  Venezuela, ¨Offshore Visa¨ is the first Panama Law Firm for your Immigration Strategy. Specializing in Residency Visas, Like Ecuador visas, Panama visas, Mexico visas, Citizenships, Passports, Banking and Offshore Banking, Wills, Insurances, Containers, Real Estate Closing and Vacation Rentals Administration. We accept client from all over the world and we are also specialized in Tax and Real Estate in Latin America. We have provided in 10 years  8000 residencies and  278 citizenships . In 2019 we have provided 446 residencies to  US people, 80 foreign residencies  to Canadians, 125  residencies to people from China , 34 residencies to European  citizens. Our Panama Law Office  will analyze each client's situation carefully, point out available options, develop a plan of action and make it happen. By working closely together as a team, our international network of legal experts ensures that their knowledge and experience are shared so that the specific details of each client's case are considered from all relevant perspectives including various treaties between the client's home jurisdiction and the various asset protection structure jurisdictions. We are a Panama and International Offshore Law Office, specialized in offshore strategies and services. Please read here why you must choose a Panama Lawyer and Attorney and not a web based non-accredited offshore company provider. OffshoreVisa is proudly licensed and specialized to provide legal and offshore services in Switzerland. We can provide swiss solutions like swiss lawyers, swiss bank accounts, incorporation of swiss companies . If your plan is to live and invest overseas you are in the right place.

Offshore Visa Specializations

A Panama Boutique Law Firm with International Offices

A Panama  Lawyer can make international business and legal procedures smoother and easier. Offshore Visa, a Panama Law Office,  provide you a full service that cover Personal and Family Relocation, Legal Services, Visa and Permanent Residency Application, Rental Services, Translation and Notarization Services. We assist you and we help you relocating without  problems or  legal mistakes. We are legals and attorneys in Panama , Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia ,Dominican Republic , and many other exotic places where we are present with our legal branch and offices. We also satisfy the Swiss Lawyers Association in order to provide swiss bank and corporate services to international customers.

Our  promise to you, is , to provide you with a written guarantee stating that if for any reason, either your  Visa Application Form or your  Immigration Requirements are rejected by the Immigration Authority (naturally other than due to a lack of compliance by you to provide your  Visa Requirements as and when required by the  Immigration Ministry), we will  reimburse 100% of the  Visa costs that you have paid to our office with respect to your  Visa and Residency Process. 

Our Panama Lawyers  provides  fast incorporation and ongoing compliance services in many jurisdictions worldwide for a variety of legal vehicles and instruments such as Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Foundations and Trusts.

We professionally assist you with obtaining licenses and regulatory permissions for a variety of financial services and other regulated businesses such as gaming and brokerage service

We have a vast network of safe banks and honest virtual payment services providers to provide you access to top banking services and ensure that your financial services needs are covered in an increasingly complex landscape.

We handle all structuring, banking and licensing paperwork to empower you to concentrate on what you do best – grow your business.

We proudly provide you Ecuador visa, Panama visa, Colombia visa, Mexico visa and Paraguay visa. If you need to take action now, and you need to start a new life in a new country, a new way of life in a better place that covers your needs and ambitions, please contact us right now. We offer our complete and legal assistance to get your Offshore Residency Visa. If you need to get an Ecuador Visa, we from our Ecuadorian Office , will provide the best person to person assistance in every legal aspect of your Ecuador  Visa Residency Permit Service. If you need to get a Panama Residency Visa, you can reach us at our office in Panama and start the procedure. Remember that, before every service, you must produce the requested documents we must translate , notarize and then authenticate for the Local Immigration Authority, in the country of your choice. So remember that every service start remotely at least one or two months before your travel. Understanding the time frame is crucial for a perfect execution of our service getting you your offshore visa residency permit in the country of your choice. So which type of residency visa is good for you ? There are too many option outside there and each residency visa option has its pros and cons . Generally before deciding which type of residency visa to get you should think on what type of target you will focus attention. Do you need a residency  visa to hold foreign offshore bank account ? Or do you need a residency visa that then grant you naturalization and citizenship and then a new foreign second passport? Do you need a foreign residency for  mitigation of geopolitical future concerns or to  find a new cheaper country where live with your family in peace and far from the western culture and crises ? Thinking  about your needs seriously is the best way to find the right answer before contact us. But if you need a paid advice from our professionals just book one. “Going offshore,” generally, involves moving  part of your money and assets, your business, your banking—or yourself—to certain tax havens.
Furthermore, structuring this “spreading out” of your assets over the right countries, markets, and investments is the key to maximizing your wealth management and your tax savings to increase your nest egg at a much greater rate than you could do back home especially during a recession. Planning your Tax strategy
 means a clever analysis of a financial situation or plan from a tax perspective, to align financial goals with a legal tax elusion planning. The purpose of tax planning is to find how to accomplish all of the other elements of a financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Tax planning thus allows the other elements of a financial plan to interact more effectively  minimizing  liability.
A clever tax plan uses methods approved by a tax agency to claim exemptions, allowances and deductions in order to lower taxable income owed in a given period. The lower the taxable income, the fewer taxes paid.

In a financial world, diversification is about spreading your risk around. It's no different for your personal life. You need to spread the risk around. The offshore publishing industry refers to it as planting flags. Each time you take an action in another country, you are said to be planting a flag. But how diversify your risk ? 

Step 1: An Offshore  Bank Account

The first step for many people who realize the benefits of going offshore is opening an offshore bank account. One reason that opening an offshore bank account can be a good way to get started at this is because you can do it without moving to another country. Of course, if you do move to another country, opening a local offshore bank account is typically a necessity. Moving all your money from your home country to another country isn't diversification. It's just shifting all your risk from one jurisdiction to another.We can establish bank accounts in Panama, Latin America , Switzerland, Andorra, Singapore, Hong Kong , UAE.

In a typical strategy multinational offshore banks and specialized financial institutes, within the jurisdiction of incorporation of the protective structure are utilized.

We have developed strategic relationships and programs with many of these financial institutions that documents true arm’s length transactions between the institutions and the protective structures, which can be leveraged for the benefit of the client. 

These programs include:

  • Offshore Loans

  • Back-to-Back Loans

  • CD Backed Loans

  • Equity Stripping Plans

  • Debt Factoring Services

  • Re-invoicing Services

  • Debit Cards

Step 2: Second or Third Residency and Tax Residency

Residency is another of the recognized five flags of going offshore. Obtaining a residency in Panama, or getting a residency in Paraguay, for example, is an important step in your diversification strategy. Like offshore banking you can plant this flag in more than one country. However, most people obtain residency in just one country outside their home country. Which country depends on your personal goals. Maybe you simply want to know you have a place to retreat to if things get too bad in your home country.
Or perhaps you want to be able to spend more time each year in a country than that country's tourist visa allows.
Or maybe you're looking to move to another country full-time.
While most countries offer viable options for taking up full-time residency, some countries make more sense than others as backup residency options
Once you have obtained resident status, there is no more arriving from your native country hot, sleep-deprived, and fed up with lineups only to be forced to endure hordes of tourists being processed through customs and immigration. You sail on through the virtually empty residents' line with passport and residency card in hand.

Step 3: Investing offshore

Making an investment in another country can be excellent diversification—of economy, of currency, of market cycles.
You could open a stock brokerage account and invest in a variety of stock markets around the world. Or you could purchase gold or other precious or strategic metals and hold them in different countries.You could purchase a real estate or a land in a foreign country.

Step 4: Asset Protection 

Asset protection isn't so much a flag as a strategy for keeping your assets out of the hands of anyone who might get it into his head to try to take them from you (think frivolous litigant).
Many Americans set up U.S. trusts to protect their assets. That's a misguided approach. U.S. trusts can help with estate planning, but they do not protect your assets against U.S. threats. For that, you have to move the assets offshore. With the help of a foreign corporation, for example, or a foreign trust.

Protecting assets can mean different things to different people depending on their home jurisdiction. In general it is the proactive planning to protect your assets from financial enemies that wish to seize them. These enemies range from private parties to government agencies. Today in many countries it is all too easy to have assets seized for a multitude of reasons of commission or omissions. Therefore it is important to make sure your assets are protected by removing them from your personal name (de-controlling) and placing them in locations not easy to find; ideally in a jurisdiction where the laws do not recognizes foreign judgments.

Step 5: Second or ( maybe Third ?) Citizenship 

Acquiring a second citizenship is typically a later step in any go-offshore plan. Most people don't start here.
And not everyone is interested in the idea of obtaining a second passport at any stage. Understand, though, that this can be the single most powerful option for creating options, not only for you but also for your children.
The world is an ever-changing place. Your current country of citizenship may be great today, but what value will that passport have in 10 or 20 years.. or a generation after that. Our service include : 

  •  Second Offshore Passports

  •  Travel authorizations for minors

  •  Multiple Exit and Entry Permits

  •  Non-Resident Multiple Visas

  •  Certifications of no restriction to travel

  •  Counselling on immigration and labor of corporate restructuring and compliance

Note : italian customers can reach us at : Residenza a Panama

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